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GTE Power Corp, GTE Solar Inc. and GTE Energy Mexico S.A de C.V. are privately held companies. GTE incorporates its knowledge and experience in all disciplines and fields relevant to the evaluation, exploration, exploitation, operations and economics of the energy industry including power generation and hydrocarbon programs for the benefit of clients and investment partners.

Ian Rogers, MBA, PMP, President and CEO
Mr. Rogers has been involved in the energy industry for over 25 years, holding executive positions in trading, project management and supply chain for Fortune 100 TSE and NYSE companies. Currently Mr. Rogers is the President & CEO of GTE Group of Companies. Prior to GTE, Mr. Rogers was the Canadian Division Manager for Global Procurement Services with ConocoPhillips and Burlington Resources. At ConocoPhillips, Mr. Rogers was responsible for the supply and services of the four business units in Canada (Western Canada Gas, Oil Sands, Arctic, and East Coast). Prior to his upstream experience Mr. Rogers was at TransAlta Power Corp. where he was responsible for the contractual arrangements of major greenfield power plant projects including the Campeche and Chihuahua plants in Mexico and upgrades in Kalgoolie, Australia and the Big Hanaford Project in Centralia, Washington, USA. In addition Mr. Rogers oversaw the Strategic Sourcing group in Calgary, managing supply/service agreements for over 8,500 megawatts of power. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan, an MBA (European University, Brussels), and is a certified Project Management Professional. Mr. Rogers has also completed post graduate studies at Stanford University and is a Stanford Certified Project Manager from the Stanford School of Engineering.

Roger Zimmerman, P.Eng PMP, Chief of Engineering and Projects

Mr. Zimmerman has 26 years experience in electrical engineering, project management and research. He held positions in large corporations including BC Hydro, General Electric (GE Energy), Nortel, General Dynamics and Harris Corp. Mr. Zimmerman is currently researching sustainable energy opportunities and managing new projects for GTE Solar Inc. Previously, Mr. Zimmerman was a Project/Program Manager at GE Energy for a period of eight years. His accomplishments at GE Energy included managing the start up of a new engineering team of 25 people in Quaretaro, Mexico for power systems engineering consulting services. The team secured large substation upgrade contracts with clients included Pacific Gas and Electric, Florida Power and Light and Tennessee Valley Authority. Mr. Zimmerman holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (With Distinction) from the University of Saskatchewan. He is a Professional Engineer in good standing with APEGGA, and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Demetri Tzotzos, Head of Corporate Development Canada and USA

Mr. Tzotzos has worked in the financial and transportation sectors for over 20 years. Currently he is the Head of Corporate Development for GTE Solar Inc. Prior to GTE, he held heavy haul trade positions for 10 years with Canadian Pacific Railway and in 1998 Mr. Tzotzos transitioned to the financial services sector with the Investors Group Financial Services working in investment, insurance and tax planning. In 2002, he accepted a senior business development position with the Walton Group, a tenure that fostered many significant business / client relationships across the financial and risk management landscapes. Since 2010, Mr. Tzotzos has focused on the growth of private companies which possess high quality business models and strong management teams. He is also a registrant with a private investment management firm and an exempt market dealer.

Mario Urbino, Administrator and Head of Corporate Development Mexico

Mr. Mario Urbino is an International Business Developer with more than 23 years of experience participating in government and private sector projects across a variety of industries and countries throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, LATAM, Europe, Israel,  China and  Pacific Rim.

He has served as a development and project manager for: a) the Mexican Congress; b) several State governors in Mexico; c) multiple projects involving Pétroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), NAFTA (USMCA), the European Union, Casino and gaming operations in Mexico.  Mr. Urbino functioned as the Commercial Attaché for the Mexican government in Switzerland where he lived for four years, in addition he is a Commercial Liason for Israel.

Mr. Urbino holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and speaks, English, Spanish, Italian, conversational French and German.

Currently he is the Head of Corporate Development for GTE Energy Mexico. Since 2019, Mr. Urbino has focused on the growth of GTE’s Mexican projects in the states of Michoacan, Nuevo Leon and the state of Mexico which possess high potential large scale energy projects. He resides in San Diego, California and has duel citizenship with USA and Mexico.